How to treat acne


Acne is a bacterial infection under the skin that usually occurs in adolescence as we know and has multiple causes, including hormonal.

It begins with an overproduction of oil by the sebaceous glands, but this fact is not directly related to excessive fat intake. Rather it is due to hormonal or psychosomatic causes (sometimes associated with stress) that trigger the action of all glands

It is true that once the process is ongoing acne properties some foods can trigger the onset of pimples. This association is unclear and is very specific to each individual. Each person must be tested and knowing your own body to know how they affect where certain foods like chocolate, toxins included in many packaged products such as potato chips, etc ... Yet we must realize that the food itself or cause or cure acne, you can simply activate or contribute to fighting.


Treating this skin condition can be hormonal, antibiotic or bactericidal. There are many medications that treat this condition and some with some really serious side effects that should be seriously considered before starting. Our recommendation goes to consult several specialists and well read the prospectuses of the drugs, which in some cases irreversibly affect the liver.

For this reason, natural treatments, which will ultimately have more permanent effects and are equally effective in all cases, are the most recommended to treat acne.

Very aggressive treatment with medications, in addition to sometimes severe side effects, have a rebound effect that makes the time of treatment can stop a process appears more serious than that attempted cure. Natural treatments are slower but have this rebound effect.


Aloe vera has ingested antibiotics and bactericidal effects acting especially in the skin. Its effects are visible during the first two weeks, however in cases where the infection is deep-rooted in inner layers of the skin, may seem to get worse, because the infection goes out and there is an outbreak of times that the existing one.

The application of aloe gel on the grain itself is astringent and disinfectant, so dry and cure the grain to avoid worsening.

It is important to clean the skin as it can spread the infection.