Sun protection


In recent years, awareness campaigns have succeeded in changing the habits of many citizens. Currently there are few people who do not take preventive measures before sun exposure. But fashion tan requires extreme precautions are not always able to perform in all situations. It is important to know that are particularly harmful sunburns before age 18.
It is true that children, especially infants, should avoid sun exposure. But the fact remains that teenagers should exercise extreme application of sunscreen to avoid sunburn, redness or erythema, which will have lifelong consequences if they come to produce regularly or gravity.
Another habit that we have not managed to introduce is to apply sunscreen when we go outside to the street. Especially in Mediterranean countries the sun for us from the spring in any tour, and that many times we lower our guard. It would be especially appropriate to protect the face from the first rays of spring, because aging, blemishes and wrinkles are directly related to the exposure of our skin to sunlight.
The consequences of making sun protection as something trivial, ranging from premature aging to the carcinoma. Today, no scientist doubts the need to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and of course the need for protection with filters, even in brown skin or used to the sun.


UVA and UVB rays, and producing a pigment in the current fashion is associated with a flattering look and, if abused have effects that are not at all beneficial to health:
Skin spots, wrinkles, and ultimately superficial skin cancer and tumors. In the long term UVB rays are absorbed by DNA and cause alterations in the genome. UVA rays are also absorbed and converted into free radicals, which alter the genetic material and saturate the skin's defensive systems. Therefore abuse aging and sun produces particularly sensitive or lengthy cases, skin cancer
According to several clinical studies, use a sunscreen 15 during the first 18 years can reduce up to 78% the risk of skin cancer.

HOW Broncos?, ADVICE

Whenever our skin is exposed to sunlight must be protected. With hats, clothing (light shirts, long pants), sunglasses, and sunscreen creams containing reliable.
We must free ourselves from the obsession with tanning, especially by the tan faster. And if you have teenage children, raising their awareness of the absolute necessity of sun protection. The quick tan always has a risk, because exposure to sunlight, as we know, must be gradual, never for more than 20 consecutive minutes, preferably in motion, never during midday (between 11 and 15 hours), with special care at first.
It is always necessary to use maximum protection sunscreens to top (from 15) and reapply every two hours.
For optimum results the use of a sunscreen, you need to follow four basic rules:
• Apply the sunscreen at home, never at the beach or the pool.
• Doing well on dry skin.
• Apply 30 minutes before sun exposure.
• Be generous in quantity.
Follow these rules, will also be necessary to consider the following recommendations:
1. Some people are used to cool the skin with water for sun exposure. It is not recommended, undermine the effectiveness of the protection factor and not hydrates the skin. The water should be ingested to be effective, and hydrate the skin should use a cream that contains moisturizing factors such as aloe vera.
2. On the beach should not be used alcoholic perfume or cologne containing plant essences, because they are photosensitive. Scented sun milks are also not advisable.
3. Use protection if it is cloudy.

Protection Factor and sun cream with Aloe Vera
Caution is necessary when choosing the sunscreen.
Protection and sunscreen
We look at quality assurance. The ISO 9001:2000 is a system of quality assurance. There are agencies that show how to test the efficacy of sun protection: The quality creams should be subject to determination of sun protection factor as COLIPA methodology, European governing protective factors, and FDA, American Association governing factors protection. Another precaution is to be protected from both UVA and the UVB, the label must specify the protection against UVB or UVA include the symbol with **** in a circle.
Other components
Another important condition to be met by a good sunscreen is moisturizing. During sun exposure the skin inevitably becomes dry and this effect should be countered with a component hydrated. In this sense we believe that Aloe Vera is a major factor. In addition to moisturize the skin naturally and very effective, aloe vera increases up to 8 times the production of the cells responsible for natural collagen, protecting from the harmful effects and has envejecedores sun exposure.
Particularly important is the cream used on the face. The facial skin is very sensitive to the sun, and the effects of long exposure are not positive: wrinkles, spots, premature aging. So the wisest recommendation is to avoid where possible the direct incidence of sunlight on the face. Because exposure is inevitable in any case, we must protect especially with a cream that contains active ingredients that prevent aging (coenzyme Q10, Vitamin E, Retinol, etc ...)
It has been shown that burns during childhood and adolescence, when the skin is less protected by natural defenses, create skin damage that appears later in adulthood and establish a greater predisposition to the development of major skin problems. It is important to teach children sun protection from small, because the effects of solar radiation are cumulative and irreversible. You must use special protection for children, is hypoallergenic and with a strong sunscreen.
Tips for children and adolescents:
• Do not expose children to the sun before age 3.
• Use a sunscreen especially for children.
• We need to renew the product regularly (every hour).
• portege's good head and body caps t-shirts if they are skinned and sensitive.
• Beber mucha agua.
• Raise awareness among teenagers and older children and remain vigilant until age 18.
One of the most spectacular and effective applications of aloe vera on burns of the skin. Whoever has witnessed or experienced in himself the healing effect of aloe vera gel on a burn will probably be forever consuming this plant. Applying aloe vera gel on your skin burned, you may not be reached although the burn blister is severe. The skin cell regeneration in these cases is so spectacular that in a few hours the effects of the burn away completely and punishment is a mere redness.
So the most suitable composition of a post-sun cream must surely be very rich in aloe vera gel. If it also contains menthol produces a cooling effect very pleasant and helpful. Aloe Vera regenerates damaged skin, red or sunburned. By preventing blisters, peeling of the epidermis, or the sunspot time irreversible.

It is false that:
• Sun lamps produce no negative effects. The reality is that UV RAYS EMITTED BY SOLAR LIGHTS ARE ALL THE HARMFUL EFFECTS OF SUNLIGHT: PREMATURE AGING, SKIN SPOTS, increases the risk of developing skin cancer.
• Apply several layers of sunscreen increases its effectiveness. The truth is that sunscreens EFFECTIVENESS ARE INDICATING IN YOUR PACKAGE, REGARDLESS OF THE LAYERS THAT APPLY.
• Protection 15 is sufficient to protect against adverse effects. While it is true that protection 15 is sufficient to protect the face, or NORMAL ADULT SKINS ARE ADVISED TO USE STRONGER PROTECTION IN CHILDREN OR WHITE SKIN, SENSITIVE, freckled or not used to the SOL.