The Best National Health Plan

Let's put on the table the most important factor in any national health plan, the factor that leaders never talk, which escapes in all discussions and plans: the patient. The best health plan is that involving the patient, but not just as someone with the right to receive adequate health care, but above all as the first responsible for their health.

Developed countries have a health model with which to ensure the care of the population. Interestingly, except for some northern European countries, almost nobody is happy. If health is private, it is normal that there is inequality between the population and a large number of people were left without adequate service. If public, universal coverage, but there is often a problem of saturation of services. Sometimes, in addition, the quality is below optimal care for economic reasons.

The solution lies in a political discussion on the appropriateness of one model or another. The solution lies in each one of us. The primary health centers are overcrowded because we're not careful. We adopt lifestyles that make us sick, but we took shelter in which there is widespread habit of life, to hide his head. We do not assume that this entails some consequences. Then we go to the doctor with the childish attitude of waiting to pull the chestnuts out of fire without feeling any guilt for it. Coronary heart disease, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, are among the most common causes of consultation, and also some of the most preventable. We do not exercise regularly, eat badly, abuse of many substances that are not healthy, and we are not even aware, because there is a mass, a majority do, bringing the total tolerance is, and we have lost sight of what it represents lead a healthy life.

The first and most important relationship is the relationship we develop with our own physical body. It is the medium in which we live, through which we interact with our environment. It is what allows us to communicate, to see life as we know it. It is important to take care. I'm not the thinking that is necessary to be the healthiest in the cemetery, but you have to enjoy all ages of life, including old age, and the best way is with a body that is a warrior but not war. The benefits are many and we all know, including economic. But it is doctor's mission to remain so, it is our responsibility. Many times, despite having taken good care, can suffer from trauma or disease. Welcome doctors, healers and medicine then. But I'm sure that can be reduced by more than half the use of medical resources, simply by following these guidelines: Eat well, get enough rest, exercise and be happy. Let's look more closely at some of these factors.

1 .- Eat well. Almost everyone knows what it means to eat well. It means eating or eating excessively expensive. It means eating healthy. Sufficient quantities but moderate, fresh produce and variety of foods. Fruit, vegetables, legumes, cereals and pasta integrals, rice, and whoever wishes, not large quantities of animal proteins. All this according to age and lifestyle, that these needs will vary. Moderate consumption of sweets and saturated fats (industrial pastries, fatty meats, whole milk, cheese, butter). Minimize or eliminate consumption of ready meals, canned and processed. At Comodón that are throwing their hands in their head, I remind you that there are freezers, where you can save what you have cooked at home. It is also worth exploring the possibility of creating a new social activity: sharing the food. Among friends, family or colleagues, if one kitchen on Monday, another Tuesday, and so on, and all share. It's fun, practical, and create bonds. Sure, everyone in your situation, you can be creative and find practical solutions to the lack of time to prepare a nutritious dish.

My regular readers know that usually in the themes I try, I consider the energy aspect. In this case, foods must be capable of supporting life. The denser a product, further processed, modified, cooked, or older from collection is less capable of sustaining life, is less "nutritious" (energetically speaking). Often the dissatisfaction we feel after eating, is because although the stomach has a feeling of fullness, we are not well nourished, so that the body is sending signals of lack. Fresh produce, fruits and vegetables, grains, even animals raised and slaughtered under certain conditions (for those who are not vegetarians) are also good energy, and are able to nurture and sustain life.

The third consideration in regard to nutrition is the use of organic or biológocos. I think that in many cases the use of these products is not justified (or not at all) and it's an extra expense that an investment in health. This applies to organic hygiene products, cans of organic products, organic candies and margarines, and in general, products that are biological or not, are the most suitable. But there are some foods that I consider important that are organic: Eggs, milk and dairy products, fruit that is eaten unpeeled vegetables that are eaten raw or you eat the part exposed to chemicals through their surface, and especially meat. The animals that come from industrial breeding have undergone hormone treatments and antibiotics, among others, in significant quantities. These products end up in our bodies when we the Eat me. Energetically, stress, fear and suffering to which they are subjected throughout their lives, and unsanitary conditions in which they live, carry a very low vibratory rate. This low vibration alone is not capable of sustaining life, but also acts as a drag on our vibratory rate. They are simple math. At the end of the day eat products with different vibrational level. The higher the total score, the easier for us to maintain a high vibration. This translates into a better functioning body.

2 .- Exercise. I will expand on the benefits of exercise, because we all know. Simply, I remember two facts. The first is that the human body is designed to be physically superior to most animals, we had to hunt to survive millions of years ago. It is not designed to sit for twelve hours. If our life makes us so sedentary, we must find ways to offset this, and finding time and space to exercise frequently. This is a priority, much as eating, sleeping, washing and toileting. No excuses not to. If you're not a professional athlete or not you have a job that requires considerable physical activity, you have to find some form of regular exercise. Otherwise, you're not taking responsibility for your health.

In Second fact is that exercise is also beneficial to energy level. Many of the blockades, or stagnant energy that we sometimes have on our chakras or other parts of the human energy field could be enhanced through exercise. Some exercises are better than others from this point of view, but in general, to move and to breathe better, there is an expansion of the aura. The most obvious benefit comes from the intention to put on guard, and the pleasure of giving our body what it needs. As always, being aware of what we are doing is multiplying the benefits and results of our actions.

3 .- Be happy. As a healer, I see every day that most diseases and physical problems are the result of unresolved situations in emotional or mental bodies. The concerns, the suffering, not being able to love enough, lack of awareness of who we are, not to realize ourselves as human beings, not to our purpose in life, the inability to forgive, all these are some of the reasons for the sick. They are not always avoidable, but with a good education, training and a little guidance, many can be avoided or resolved themselves before they degenerated into disease. It is our responsibility to accept this fact and take appropriate action. And when we have to go to a therapist, it is very important to remember that the best is to create a team by the practitioner, the specialist was needed, and a healer to assist in the healing process, facilitated and complemented.

In some European countries, are taking steps to further engage patients. For example, smokers have to pay more for their insurance. Some obese people have lower certain amount of weight before it can undergo certain operations that are not urgent. I think if we realize that we are sick because we're not careful, eventually that such measures are going to generalize. Personally, I think if we begin to change and educate our children to develop healthy habits from the beginning, we can make the next generation is healthier and make better use of medical resources.

In short, we are responsible for our health, emphasizing prevention and focusing on healthy living. Governments are to provide adequate means and therapists to work with us when necessary. But our health is in our hands, not theirs. Speaking of responsibility does not mean to speak of guilt. Being responsible for something means to be aware of what can be done, and do it. No excuses. Almost everyone knows what is good and what is not, and not know it has unlimited resources for trained and informed. Is to blame: either not to have realized through ignorance or carelessness, or be aware and do nothing about it. And you honestly what group you belong to?