3 Measures Easy To Be Fit

1. What is important is gradually alter our habits and replace them with more healthy. For example, if you hate the water and that you are fond of fizzy drinks, soft drinks and juices without realizing you are eating a lot of extra calories. What to do? Start taking juice diluted with water or homemade lemonade sweetened with agave syrup or other natural sweeteners, teas and of course water.
2. Go, go, go. One of the most comprehensive exercise and activity is very cheap because not even need to go pay a monthly gym. You have many options for walking. If you take the bus down one stop before your destination so you walk a few yards extra. También puedes quedar con amigos/as para pasear, hacer excursiones por la montaña, usar las escaleras en lugar del ascensor....
3. Choose less processed foods as possible, take plenty of fruits and vegetables. Every day making salads, smoothies, fresh juices (juices) or steamed or grilled food. You do not have the day to change your entire diet tomorrow, but start and eliminating what you do not know who is doing well.
The result is healthier skin, increased energy and a fitter body. Rome was not built in a day, just get a toned body and a healthier look is the result of little things we do every day. Be persistent, make small changes and enjoy the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.