Tips And Methods To Stop Smoking

There are different methods to quit smoking.

If you choose a treatment with nicotine replacement therapy, you should follow the treatment during the whole period advised, and not stop once you find that you are more dependent on cigarettes. Interest is not only to quit, but quit smoking permanently.

You will also work your daily habits associated with smoking, like go walking in the morning instead of taking a cigarette, read a book after eating instead of smoking, etc..

Here below different treatment methods nicotine replacement therapy to stop your smoking:

Patches: The treatment lasts for 3 months on average. These patches are to stick to the skin to give you a variable dose of nicotine. a daily dose that reduces of course to help you gradually free yourself from the nicotine addiction.

Chewing gum Nicotine: The treatment principle is the same patches, except that the doses of nicotine are taken orally.

The sublingual tablets: These tablets are put under the tongue. You can use if for example you want to be a little quieter (compared to the use of gums).

The inhaler: This is a piece of nicotine that is shaped like a cigarette smoker. Its advantage is that it can work also gestures dependency (the fact of holding a cigarette in hand).

Zyban: It's a medication you can get on prescription. It reduces cravings and relieves symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. However, like any medicine has side effects such as insomnia if you take the medicine at night.

Among these methods, it is up to you to choose which is most appropriate with respect to your daily habits.