Never been in the shower and views of the jaws hair when you rinse hand? How about when you comb your hair when you remove a ball cap? It is a problem millions of people face - the male pattern baldness - and it might seem as if there's nothing you can do with this, but do not lose hope just yet.

While it is not hard to find Romen of terror on the Internet or television men who come for the star to return their mop (including anything from wigs to toxic spray-ons), they all seek the same thing: "cure" of sorts to baldness. And while there is no cure for male pattern baldness now, there are some promising treatments to be released in the near future that might just bring this idea to life. What is the best part? These treatments becomes bald future are already in development and on their way.

Here are some treatments that becomes bald future you will probably see in the coming years with the advancement of science and technology for the men and alopecia.

"A cure" for baldness in men as in women may not be an exact word to use if these treatments technologically driven. However, the treatment consists in what they are: They are forms of therapy that can be used to help keep the hair you have or cultivate a new 'do. There are plenty of products from hair-brained (the pun completely intended) out on the market designed to fool the consumer, but real progress is made to find safe, during and in realizing solutions for male pattern baldness. In the meantime, enjoy Bruce Willis and Jason Statham in the world and embrace your look no matter how full-spearheaded or is sparse.