How to Cure Hemorrhoids Quickly - 4 Cures For Start using it today

Are you tired of listening to doctors who do not seem to be helping to reduce pain and find a cure for your hemorrhoids? Do you want just a simple combination of treatments that will produce quick and lasting relief? Have you tried all the products that advertise both on television and is now seeking a natural treatment? Read this article to see how to cure hemorrhoids with natural and real solutions.

# 1. Do not add to the problem

It can be very tempting to remove the irritation and itching scratching the infected area. This is not wise and will only add to the problem. Relieve the situation by buying soft toilet paper and underwear made of cotton which will help relieve pain.

# 2. The fibers are good

The diet will have a huge effect on the amount of pain and inflammation, which is currently experiencing. Increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables they consume in their diet, have a positive effect. This will make the bowel movement easier and therefore reduces the pressure.

# 3. Reduce the heat

As this condition is based on swelling and pressure, do what you do with most injuries. Find a ice pack for 15 to 20 minutes and this will help reduce swelling and pain.

# 4. Increase the heat

While reducing the heat in the area is good, increase it can also soften the area. Sitting in a warm bath, but not hot, you can accelerate the process and reduce the pain greatly.