Stop smoking with Champix

Smoking harms nearly every body part. Although every smoker is aware of the risks of their habit of smoking on health, but very few people trying to quit smoking. Among those who have the goal to stop smoking, some of them on it successfully. The nicotine in cigarettes has a very strong effect on our mind. Thus, smoking is considered the worst addiction. Not only smokers are affected, but the smoke inhaled by him is damaging to others around him. Even passive smokers may suffer from certain health problems.

Risks associated with smoking:

Smoking has adverse effects on the lungs, kidneys, heart and liver. It impedes the functioning of the lungs, creating breathing difficulties and damage lung tissue. It also leads to lung cancer. Heart problems or heart attacks are more frequent among smokers. Another disadvantage of smoking is that nicotine in cigarettes prevents blood flow that results from blood clots and impotence in men. Other problems that come with smoking bad breath, bad smell of clothes and hair, yellow fingernails, teeth and skin.

There are some natural solutions with which a person can help himself quit smoking. Replacement products like nicotine patches and gum are available that can be taken by smokers. Also, there is another method known as the Cold Turkey where you will play an important role. This includes a sudden cessation. Besides these natural remedies, pills stop smoking as Champix have seized the market.

How Champix works?

Champix Varenicline as its active ingredient which binds to nicotine receptors in the brain. In doing so, and it cancels the effect of nicotine when a person smokes. It reduces the desire of smokers to nicotine, and relieves withdrawal symptoms. Secondly, it also reduces the satisfaction a person gets from smoking.

How to take Champix:

Champix treatment must be continued normally until 12 weeks. A smoker who really intend to quit smoking must fix a date for doing so. A week before that date, Champix should be taken at a dose of 0.5 mg once daily. This should be taken for the first three days. Then for the next four days, the Champix dose of 0.5 mg should be taken twice daily, once in the morning and once at night.

From next week, the Champix tablets of 1 mg should be taken until the end of treatment. It must be taken twice a day.

Side effects:

Like any drug, Champix also has side effects. Most common among them include nausea that can last for weeks, indigestion, constipation, gas, insomnia, unusual dreams, headache, increased hunger, taste loss and fatigue. Contact your doctor is essential if you notice any serious side effects.