Identify Symptoms of hemorrhoids For Better Handling Internal and External Hemorrhoids

A person can easily know whether you have hemorrhoids because the symptoms of hemorrhoids are very clear. This is because the sharp pain that hemorrhoids cause anal is the primary diagnosis. There are many medical terms you will face when you diagnose the condition and it is good to know what they are. If you do not know the symptoms of hemorrhoids, how can you determine if you have hemorrhoids? I am here to help. Having hemorrhoids wrap anorectal coping.

Ano-rectal problems Commons

Is likely to suffer from fistulas and fissures when developing hemorrhoids. The skin of our anal region is very thin, even thinner than the skin of the vagina. Therefore, it is very easy to develop fissures or cracks in the wall which anal fistulas becomes much friction and tension.

Prolonged Constipation is a common cause, but a popular reason is anal penetration. You may develop abscesses and irritation in the area concerned. A common and easily identifiable symptom is the sensation of burning or itching in those sensitive areas. You may notice blood stains if your condition becomes serious. It should be known that two types of hemorrhoids and although they share common symptoms of hemorrhoids are also distinguishable from each other.

External Hemorrhoids and Its Symptoms

When you have external hemorrhoids swell the outside of the anus. A considerable amount of pain suffer because of this swelling. Blood clots around the anus and the rectal opening is the cause of this swelling. Usually, the term diagnosis of this swelling caused by blood clots is "thrombosed hemorrhoids. But some internal hemorrhoids and leave it grow outside the body. It should be noted that these should not be confused with external hemorrhoids. You are suffering from external hemorrhoids if the previously listed symptoms you have.

Internal hemorrhoids and Its Symptoms

If you do not have the above symptoms for external hemorrhoids, but still says she suffers from the common symptoms, you should look for other symptoms. For example, when you are cleaning the anus with toilet paper, "Blood spots appear? Another symptom may be blood in the stool. If you have both symptoms, chances are you suffer from internal hemorrhoids. There are times that grow large internal hemorrhoids that fall outside the anus.

Should be attentive to their symptoms and consult a doctor if it deems necessary. Note that although doctors can help, adopt a healthy diet and maintaining proper hygiene is the best way to solve the problem of hemorrhoids.