Plan your healthy holiday season

Festivals are a time to maintain complicated routines. In recent weeks, the temptations and excesses in many foods. To remain calm and follow these tips to enjoy without guilt.

December is a month of festivities and is celebrated all around a table full of food and beverage hypercaloric. The temptations are all the meetings and not for a meal and toast.

Moreover, December is the month that closes out the year and there are projects to finish and others to plan. These are days of evaluation and organization. Therefore, less time for sports and long walks are held in the mall buying gifts this year.

In this scenario, the equation is simple. More calorie intake and less physical activity, this results in cumulative kilos. Calm. December is a month to go calculating calories consumed per bite, or strict diets and plans.

So do not despair. Quite the contrary. Precisely because of what it is to enjoy the encounters with family and friends to the fullest.

Celebrate the Holidays is not fattening. But we appeal to common sense and you move in certain patterns to organize the food and offset the excess.

Here are some tips to help you not excederte:

Attention breakfast with fiber and vitamins in the morning, so the day starts well.

Lunch: If you're in the office or at home, good light. May contain vegetables, legumes, lean meats and fruits. If you have an event, discard fats, cold meats, desserts and alcoholic beverages.

In the afternoon: a lot of liquid. Water, teas, smoothies and light gels are ideal.

Happy hours: choose light drinks (soda or juice). Eye with the beer that has a lot of calories. Take one cup of champang or drink you like. Remember that alcohol calories are empty.

In meetings: overlooked chips, nuts and dried fruits. Opt for the white bread with turkey for a sandwich.

Dinner: not arrive hungry. It takes three glasses of water before you serve the first portion. Choose snacks and light meals and avoid the desserts.