Tips for Losing Weight

Those who can not refrain from eating, fickle in their diets, the passionate of haute cuisine, or those with an obsession to lose weight: all will find a solution. Adelante!

Everyone knows what to do to lose weight: eat less fat, less sugar ... less of everything. But the trouble starts when it comes to applying these principles, to resist hunger and not grow weary, they pass a few days of slaughter.

To succeed in this way, everyone has their personal tricks that were born of his experience. Here are a few tips from doctors and dietitians, and ex-fat people lose weight gained. If anyone is not effective, we must bear in mind that all bodies are not equal.

Habits to be learned:

1. Force yourself to eat sitting. When he does standing or walking fast, ingested more food.
2. Do not eat fast, chew, if you do, you will feel satisfied sooner and with less food. And never again!
3. Whenever possible, right after eating market, so will be less tempted to buy things that are fattening.
4. Before buying food to make a detailed list of things you need and not leave it.
5. After each meal is recommended to rest 15 minutes and then walk for three quarters of an hour. An activity after a meal burn enough calories.
6. To feed the hungry at midmorning a handful of prunes, a cup of skim milk or a mini-sandwich with bread, is best.
7. If the averages nine or afternoon snack of prunes and eat an apple or dried apricots, or some other fruit to fool the stomach, is good to keep the last portion in your mouth for a while.
8. While eating, you are advised not to perform another activity, such as watching TV or reading, in this way you can concentrate on the taste and enjoy every mouthful. We tend to eat more when done mechanically.
9. When you're eating, it is advisable to rest your cutlery every three mouthfuls eaten. Break the rhythm by feeding and forced to eat less.
10. Cook only the amount needed for each meal and refrigerate what you do not eat.
11. You have to eat only two dishes at each meal: meat and companion and a little cheese or fruit.
12. Divide the lunch and dinner in two parts. First eat the main meal (meat, vegetables or rice and pasta), salad. Two hours later, cheese or fruit, or both.
13. Enjoy every bite as if it were the most exquisite caviar. Eat slowly and savor small quantities. Another resource: imagine that rationed food and that every bite is the last.
14. With small amounts of food can satisfy your appetite. Try a hard boiled egg, a piece of cheese and a salad. Loaves of bread are also used to relieve hunger.
15. After each meal is to sit at least fifteen minutes to bring up the feeling of being satiated appetite. A meal eaten in a hurry, does not satisfy.
16. It must eat at times when you burn more calories. Chronobiology teaches that the assimilation and dissimilation of the body varies with the time of day. It is best to lighten the meal rather than breakfast, that if you eat before going into business, spends calories. This does not happen if you eat before bedtime.
17. Not even after a day of eating a lot. The next day you can compensate with a semi-diet based on vegetable broth low salt, aromatic water or weak tea and nonfat dairy products. The next day you can return to normal feed.

Resources trick appetite

1. Before each meal drink a glass of water. This gives you the feeling of fullness.
2. It is better to take half a glass of orange juice with mineral water. This provides better sense of society and contains fewer calories.
3. When watching television, instead of "bite" things that are fattening, eat a salad of lettuce, cabbage and artichoke, leaf by leaf.
4. A nice resource is to prepare water ice cubes with mint, vanilla, strawberry ... and enjoy them if you feel like eating.
5. When you're feeling like uncontrollable eating fattening foods, you'd better take a piece of cheese with bread and a cookie.
6. Before attending a cocktail party, dinner or other meeting tempting, it's best not to eat a boiled egg as many diets recommend, if not a yogurt. This decreases your appetite.
7. Oranges should not be squeezed to make juice. It is best eaten in chunks. It is very easy to drink the three oranges instead, not eat them.
8. Start meals with a bit of protein (can be meat, cheese, chicken) and a cup of clear vegetable, chicken or beef defatted, which can be prepared every three or two days. After swallowing, eating much less
9. A good resource to enjoy rich flavors without getting fat is to prepare sherbet orange, tangerine or grapefruit dressing them in drawers and ice. When freeze can be removed one by one.
10. Also be frozen coffee ice cubes in the same way and then grind to serve in a big glass.
11. We suggest starting the meal with the cheese to overwhelm the appetite.
12. It is good to keep in the refrigerator pickles. When you are hungry, cut some slices and eat slowly, savoring it.
13. If you can not stand the desire to eat a chocolate eat it anyway, but at the end of the meal or with bread. Fat eating only twice.
14. Drink two or three glasses of water before each meal. Not so much to fill the stomach but in the blood to dilute the substance that stimulates the appetite.
15. The refrigerator is not only fattening foods such as dairy products or low-fat cheeses, cooked lean meat, fruit or raw vegetables, eggs.
16. Prepare several dishes in individual portions for not eating well: eggs in various forms, or mousses, vegetable, seafood, stuffed tomatoes ...
17. For appetizers, it's best to replace the classics that can fatten for radishes, celery sticks, carrot or cauliflower.
18. It is excellent eating boiled eggs for breakfast, accompanied by a slice of multi-grain bread with turkey or chicken breast, or else with gruyere cheese. So have a good nutritional value.
19. For a lunch rush, prepare a hot dog with a thin sausage and add a touch of mustard. Bread crumb must be withdrawn, leaving only the crust.
20. There are eating foods that contain fewer calories. Unleavened bread, for example, as thin as a cigarette paper, on which they can put a nearly transparent layer of butter or a small portion of mustard.
21. Good recipe for a snack: tomato juice with a few drops of Tabasco or Worcestershire sauce. It looks like the bloody mary and much less fattening.