Finding Time for Health

Do you think you are too busy to lead a healthy life? This is a common excuse given by people who just cannot seem to change their lives. I have news for you - even if your schedule is packed full, you still have time to be healthy.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to drink enough water. The benefits of drinking water are vast and include improving your skin, digestive system, and circulatory system and aiding in weight loss. Drinking more water is especially important if you are using it to replace sugary drinks throughout the day. If you have a desk job, be sure to have a bottle of water sitting in front of you at all times. You will be surprised at how much you drink when it is sitting there.

Replace high-sugar foods with low-sugar versions. By doing so, you will reduce calories and weight gain. Do you suffer from energy slumps throughout the day? Most of the time these come from sugar withdrawal. If you consume less sugar during the day your body will get used to it and that lack of energy will disappear.

Stock up on healthy snacks. When you are running short on time and get hungry you are likely to grab whatever is quick and available. If you plan ahead and buy snacks such as baby carrots, almonds, yogurt, peanut butter or fruit you will be able to avoid situations where there are no healthy options.

Plan your meals before the week begins. For most people Sunday afternoons or evenings will work well for this. Determine what you will have for lunch and dinner each night, and then take the time to shop for and prepare those meals ahead of time. This way you will not have to resort to Chinese takeout just because nothing else is available.

Double all recipes you make, especially when you cook on the weekends. By freezing the second meal you will always have backups in your freezer for when you are short on time.

Walk at any opportunity you have. It is not hard to park further away from store entrances, take stairs instead of the elevator, or get up from your desk for five minutes and take a walk around the office. You could even go so far as walking over to someone else's desk rather than emailing them. If you have to meet with someone to discuss something quickly, ask them to take a short walk with you while you do so. These small amounts of exercise during the day can really add up.

Get enough sleep. I know you are thinking that if you already do not have time to sleep how you are going to find time for more? Many people underestimate the value of a good night's sleep. By cutting down on your sleep to get more things done you are compromising the value of your work. Insufficient sleep also makes you more prone to illness and you definitely do not have time to get sick. By getting enough sleep each night you will be much more efficient during the time you are awake.

At the very least, try one of these suggestions once a week. By starting small you will be able to achieve a healthier life without being overwhelmed.